Interra DND / MUR (Do Not Disturb / Makeup Room) Module is uniquely designed to increase the quality of the service in hotels.

Interra DND / MUR module is a simple way for guests to communicate with staff from their rooms. It maximizes the service quality by reflecting the information and signals of the room status on the hallway side. It has "Do Not Disturb – DND" and "Makeup Room –MUR" alerts on its LED illuminated indicators and a bell button on it. Its direct communication with the KNX bus adds more value to it. Since it can be applied to the horizontally designed standard double flush mounting box, it is very easy to mount.

*The color, room numbers, fonts, logos, and icons are fully customizable.

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Interra DND Series

ITR630-0004 // Interra Conventional DND - Glass

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